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Muki Maki
Akkeshi oysters are
grown in brackish water (a mixture of seawater and freshwater) in Lake Akkeshi and seawater in Akkeshi Bay. Akkeshi Bay is known for its low water temperature peculiar to Eastern Hokkaido, and the water temperature is as low as around 15 ° C even in summer, and it may be below freezing in winter. In addition, Akkeshi Bay carries a large amount of plankton and nutrients, which are the best food for oysters, from the Pacific Ocean .

When the water temperature is low, the oysters grow slowly, so they eat nutrients for a long time, so they grow into rich and delicious oysters compared to other oysters. However, since the salt content in the bay is high, Mr. Nakajima returns to Lake Akkeshi in about 50 to 60 days,
grows oysters with moderate salt content, and then fries the basket. It grows at an exquisite timing by taking advantage of the low salt content of Lake Akkeshi and the low water temperature of Akkeshi Bay . This is the reason why Akkeshi oysters are said to be delicious.

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