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Kinzanji Miso

Kinzanji-miso is a traditional fermentation food which is made from soy beans, barley, rice and several vegetables and is a special product of Yuasa in Kisyu (Wakayama) . You can enjoy it with steamed rice and porridge, or vegetable stick like cucumber.

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Geta Bafun Uni 

What is Geta Uni?
Geta is a traditional Japanese clogs/slippers that is elevated. Geta Uni is Uni stacked and packed on an 'elevated' Uni box, so it holds more Uni than the usual wooden boxes (300G, instead of 250G). It is not a brand.

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Picked directly off the Uni Auction, then air-flown to your doorstep. We fly it in only when you make an order so it is always fresh!

What is Bara? 
It was a criss-cross versions you may see is the wooden tray.<

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