Kinki マメキンキ
Kinki マメキンキ


Kinki マメキンキ

The Kinki live in the sea at the depth of 200-500 meters (600-1,600 feet). They feed primarily on shrimp. A natural red pigment called astaxanthin makes the shrimp red. It also makes the Kinki bright red, too.

The astaxanthin is a well-known antioxidant. It is very good for your skin health, heart health, cancer prevention and care. Other than the astaxanthin, Kinki is a great source of other nutrition. Like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, various vitamins and minerals.

They say the best season for Kinki is autumn to winter, before the spawning season. But you can enjoy the rich and sweet flavor all year round. If you find it at a restaurant, order regardless of the season. You’ll never regret.

Kinki is so delicious no matter how you cook. I love the simmered best. It brings out all the Umami (savory taste or the fifth taste) to the full extent. When cooked properly, even some rice with just the broth can make the best dish. You can enjoy it after having the fish first.

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