Shirobagai 白贝


Shirobagai 白贝


OO Asari
Manila (asari) clams are a shellfish found in inlets throughout Japan. In recent years the demand for Manila clams is high, and in addition to importing, Manila clam nursery production (juvenile clams are spread over a fishing area and raised) is being carried out.
Hime asari and Uramurasaki (large Manila clams) are also part of the Manila clam (asari) family.
Hime asari have a smaller shell and body compared to Manila clams, but there is hardly a difference in taste. Uramurasaki have a shell that can grow up to 8 cm (about 3 in.), and the inside of the shell is purple in color. These have a deeper flavor than Manila clams, but contain a strong sweetness in their orange colored large siphons.

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