Shungiku 春菊


Shungiku 春菊

What is Shungiku?

Shungiku is a vegetable high in beta carotene and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Shungiku is a winter leafy vegetable and is in season from November to March in Japan. In Mediterranean countries where Shungiku originated, it is only cultivated as an ornamental plant, however, in East Asian countries including Japan, they are loved as edible chrysanthemum for their distinctive aroma and bitter flavour. There are different types depending on where they are produced. In the Kansai area, it is also known as “Kikuna” or “Shingiku”
Shungiku is a leafy green Japanese vegetable that is used in a variety of different dishes to add a depth of flavour. It has a fragrant and bittersweet taste that makes it a unique vegetable and a perfect ingredient for hot pot dishes, salads, and as a garnish. It’s packed with health benefits and is an easy vegetable to grow at home yourself.  

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