Kuzuryu Ippin 黑龙九头龙 逸品 720ml


Kuzuryu Ippin 黑龙九头龙 逸品 720ml

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A friendly sake for everyday dining, “Ippin” can be served at any temeperature. Brewed from domestically grown rice, its soft texture and crisp taste make it an ideal mealtime companion.

Brewery|Winery : Kokuryu Sake Brewing

Brand : Kuzuryu

Prefecture : Fukui

Type : Futsushu

Tasting & Style : Sake

Rice|Ingredients : Domestically Shuzo Kotekimai

Rice Polishing Ratio : 65%

Sake Meter Value(SMV) : +3

Acidity Level : Non-Disclosure

Alcohol by Volume % : 15%

Serving : Chilled, Room Temperature, Warm

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