Kuro Kirishima 720ml 黑雾岛


Kuro Kirishima 720ml 黑雾岛

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Kuro Kirishima shochu is produced by the Kirishima Shuzo brewing company located in Kyushu. Made with black koji, the drink celebrates the legacy of the first shochu that the founder of Kirsihima Shuzo, Kichisuke Enatsu, made in 1916.

It’s an imo (sweet potato) shochu. This type is known for having more robust flavours than rice and barley shochu.

  • Tasty faintly fruity aroma
  • Alcohol : 25%
  • Type:  honkaku (single-distilled)
  • Grain: 83% imo (sweet potato) and 17% rice
  • Koji: black

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