UNI Sea Urchin 300g 下うに (Pre Order)


UNI Sea Urchin 300g 下うに (Pre Order)


SKU: E211

Geta Bafun Uni 

What is Geta Uni?
Geta is a traditional Japanese clogs/slippers that is elevated. Geta Uni is Uni stacked and packed on an 'elevated' Uni box, so it holds more Uni than the usual wooden boxes (300G, instead of 250G). It is not a brand. The brand may differ from the picture -- we only bring in the brand of Geta that is most recommended on the day of the Uni Auction

  • Direct off the Uni auctions, so you never have to overpay for Uni.
  • How to store Uni: Keep chilled in the Chiller. NOT Freezer. We do not freeze our Uni. They are delivered fresh chilled.

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