Uni Narabi (Straight) 250G+/-


Uni Narabi (Straight) 250G+/-


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Picked directly off the Uni Auction, then air-flown to your doorstep. We fly it in only when you make an order so it is always fresh!

What is Narabi? 
Narabi means that the Uni is neatly lined straight. We carry this Narabi for the 250G +/- as they are of a better quality in terms of consistency (if you want that picture perfect shot of it lined on your plate or Sushi). 
How to serve?
Best consumed in sushi, as sashimi, chirashi, wrapped in nori as a snack or as a pasta for dinner

Uni Type 
Bafun uni is on season now !!

After Murasaki Uni, Bafun Uni is Japan's second most common sea urchin. It is in season in October and is typically harvest from deeper waters compared to that of Murarsaki Uni. This gives the sea urchin a more intense and deep flavour but also stronger bitter notes if low quality. It's best eaten in sushi or as sashimi to enjoy its delicate flavors.

How to store Uni: 
Keep chilled in the Chiller. NOT Freezer. We do not freeze our Uni. They are delivered fresh chilled.

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