Uni 100G +/- 丹


Uni 100G +/- 丹


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the 100G Uni straight off Toyosu Market, based on what's the best for the day at the best value.

So it could be Murasaki OR Bafun -- we leave it to them, hence Omakase (trans: I entrust to you).

Creamy and melty with a clean taste,

  • Sashimi-grade, air-flown from Japan to Kuala Lumpur 
  • Air-flown directly from Toyosu Market to your doorstep, upon order only
  • Best consumed in sushi, as sashimi, chirashi, wrapped in nori as a snack or as a pasta for dinner
  • How to store Uni: Keep chilled in the Chiller. NOT Freezer. We do not freeze our Uni. They are delivered fresh chilled.
  • Note: Image is for illustration purposes only. The size of the lobes are dependent on the catch of the week and cannot be uniform. It varies and may sometimes come bigger (which means lesser pieces in a box), or smaller in size (which means more pieces in a box). Boxes are sold based on weight, not number of rows or number of lobes

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